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Tile in Canton, OH

If you’re looking to shop for tile near you in Canton, OH, visit Hosner Carpet One Floor & Home. As your local expert when it comes to everything tile, our in-store experts can help you find the perfect floor tile or wall tile for your home improvement project. Tile is a popular choice for interior spaces, as well as outdoor patios and walkways. This is thanks to its durability, easy maintenance, and the range of styles that fit any interior design.


If you’re interested in adding tile to your home or outdoor space, keep reading to learn which tile is best for your space.


What Are the Three Types of Tile?

You’ll find a diverse range of tile colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes in our showroom. All of them can be grouped into three major categories: stone, porcelain, and ceramic.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is created using naturally sourced materials and fire-kilned to form a durable and light tile. Ceramic tile is best used for indoor spaces and is light enough to be installed on walls.

Porcelain Tile

Another durable type of tile is porcelain tile. The process of creating porcelain tiles makes them much denser than ceramic tiles. This comes with different benefits. This density adds additional strength and durability to the tiles.

Stone Tile

Stone tiles are a high-end, natural tile flooring option. Stone tiles such as granite, marble, and limestone are quarried from distinctive locations. Since stone tiles are quarried, they all feature unique and distinct patterns and natural colors. However, they are more expensive due to the way they are manufactured. When sealed correctly, a stone tile can last years in your home and resists scratching and staining.


Wood-Look Tile for Your Home

A popular subcategory, ceramic wood-look tile offers an intriguing alternative to traditional hardwood. Because of advanced design processes, wood-look tile looks like natural hardwood flooring. Most wood tiles feature authentic surface grains and patterns and are available in a variety of plank sizes. Our most popular wood-look tile plank size is 6”x24”.


Some benefits of wood-look tile include:


Tile Installation

Homeowners will love the look of decorative wall tiles and resilient wood-look tile flooring that is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. We also have commercial-grade tiles and options that can be installed outdoors. Plus, these commercial-grade tiles are specially designed to resist freeze-thaw cycles.


Tile is favored for:

Keep in mind that professional installation is always recommended for any kind of tiling project, to guarantee the overall life of the tile.


Shop Tile Near You - Hosner Carpet One

Whether you want beautiful, patterned porcelain tile for your kitchen floor or the perfect ceramic mosaic for your bathroom backsplash, Hosner Carpet One Floor & Home has you covered. We offer a top selection of quality tiles from all the best tile brands, including our exclusive Bel Terra tile. If you’re looking for the best place to buy tile near you, plan a visit to our Canton, Ohio showroom today!






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Caring for Tile

Keep your wall tile or tile flooring looking like new! Keep your tile maintenance easy with these simple care tips.