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Emser Tile

Emser Tile

Are you looking to add the looks of natural stone to your kitchen or bathroom setting? Emser Tile offers ceramic and porcelain tiles that feature more durable constructions and look like natural stone tiles. Let’s take a closer look at some of Emser’s styles:



Emser’s Toledo tiles look exactly like natural stone tiles, and they are available in shades of beige and walnut. But, Toledo tiles feature a glazed ceramic construction, making them durable enough for kitchens and bathrooms with heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, Toledo tiles tend to be less expensive than real stone.





The Paladino collection from Emser Tile combines the looks of real marble with the durability and wear resistance of porcelain tile. They can be installed in virtually all residential settings (even those with heavy foot traffic), and they can handle certain commercial settings as well. Real marble simply isn’t durable enough for these types of settings. Paladino tiles are considered body match porcelain tiles, so they have a consistent pattern through the backing. Consequently, they are less susceptible to scratches.





If you’re looking to add the natural looks of travertine tile to your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to check out Taverna tiles. Taverna tiles look almost exactly like real travertine tiles, but they have a durable porcelain construction. They can be installed in places where travertine cannot, including busy households and certain commercial settings.


To learn more about Emser Tile, visit Hosner Carpet One in Canton, OH. We offer Toledo, Paladino, and Taverna tiles, as well as a variety of other styles from Emser.


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