Wood Tile

Wood's natural looks with the durability and wear resistance of tile

What Is Wood Tile?

tiles El Centro, CA

We at Hosner Carpet One are excited to offer a selection of wood tile. Homeowners love adding tile that looks like wood to their kitchens or bathrooms because, as you can probably imagine, it combines the looks of wood with the functional benefits of tile.

Because of advanced design processes, wood tile nowadays looks very similar to real wood flooring. In fact, most wood tiles feature authentic surface grains and patterns! Moreover, unlike regular tiles, wood tiles actually come in plank sizes. Our most popular wood tile size is 6”x24”.

Nonetheless, although wood tiles look like real wood planks, they are as strong and resistant as regular tiles. They can withstand moisture and heat, and they also can be sealed to protect against scratches and stains. So, wood tile can be used in areas where hardwood isn’t suitable, including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Wood tiles are also great for custom showers and baths! Be sure to visit our Canton, OH store to work with one of our experts.