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Hosner Carpet One is your local expert when it comes to tile! We offer a great selection of tile, including floor tile, wall tile, and backsplash tile. Our in-store experts will help you make the perfect choice for your preferred setting, and then our trained installers will install everything for you! We truly are a one-stop tile shop.

There are a variety of tile options available, but almost all of them can be included in one of three categories: floor tile, wall tile, and decorative tile.

Floor Tile

Floor tile is the most popular tile option, as it has been installed in homes for a number of years. It’s practical in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms because it is moisture and heat resistant, and because it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Plus, if any floor tile ever chips, cracks, or scratches, it can easily be replaced without disrupting the entire room.

Ceramic tile is a preferred choice for floor tile because it is wear and water resistant and versatile in terms of design. There are so many different styles, colors, patterns, and shapes from which to choose, so no design is considered off limits. We offer quality, long-lasting ceramic tiles from popular manufacturers such as Daltile, Florida Tile, Emser Tile, Happy Floors, and more.

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Wall Tile

Compared to floor tile, wall tile tends to be smaller in size and less durable. The extra size and strength aren’t really necessary given the fact that walls have smaller surface areas than floors and do not have any foot traffic. Nonetheless, wall tile will resist moisture and heat like floor tile, and it is also installed similarly. Wall tile is a great option in and around baths and showers. Our installers will definitely be able to help you install bathroom tile and shower tile!

Decorative Tile

Homeowners love to add decorative tile to custom baths, showers, and backsplashes. While decorative tile isn’t the most durable option, it certainly is the most stylish. You can, for example, choose from a variety of colors and gloss levels. For the most part, decorative tile is used along with wall or floor tile to create custom designs.

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