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Tigressa's premium style, comfort, and durability

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Tigressa carpets Canton, OH

As part of the Carpet One cooperative, we at Hosner Carpet One have exclusive access to some of the most reliable brands in the industry. One of these brands is Tigressa. Tigressa offers a selection of carpets that combine style, comfort, and durability. How does Tigressa balance comfort and durability? Tigressa focuses on new and innovative technologies with all three of its unique carpets, SoftStyle, Cherish, and H2O.


Tigressa SoftStyle, which is designed to be the softer and stronger carpet, includes enhanced twisting and heating of the carpet fibers. With these enhancements, the fibers are less likely to be crushed. Tigressa SoftStyle also has a patented color system that allows for deep colors. These deep colors aren't likely to fade over time, so SoftStyle carpets tend to hold their appearances longer than most carpets. SoftStyle carpets are perfect for living rooms and other home settings where style and design are most important.

For an even softer feel, Tigressa Cherish is the best option. It has fibers that are 75% smaller than regular carpet fibers, so they are extremely soft to the touch.  It's therefore no surprise that Cherish carpets are extremely warm and comfortable underfoot! The carpet fibers, however, remain strong and durable, so they will stand up to foot traffic and other impacts. Tigressa Cherish, like SoftStyle, has yarn engineering with advanced color technologies. Given the emphasis on comfort, Cherish carpets are popular in bedrooms.

For an ultra-durable carpet, take a look at Tigressa H2O.