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Quality, high-performing carpets capable of standing up to commercial settings

Our Commercial Services

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As you probably know, carpet is one of the most popular flooring options in homes and other residences. Its design versatility, softness, and comfort simply cannot be replicated. But, did you know that carpet is popular in commercial areas as well? We at Hosner Carpet One are your local experts when it comes to commercial carpet. For years, we have installed quality carpets in local offices, businesses, churches, and schools, so we know exactly how to handle any and every commercial project.

Commercial vs. Residential

What makes commercial carpet different than residential carpet? In homes, style and comfort are usually most important. Homeowners certainly want carpets that add style to their homes, and they also want comfort and warmth underfoot. As a result, cut pile carpets, which are made from yarns that are cut at the ends, are most popular in homes. 

In commercial areas, however, performance needs to be considered. Style and design certainly remain important, but performance features such as wear resistance and stain resistance are paramount. Why? Commercial areas tend to have significant foot traffic, so the carpet will need to stand strong against all potential impacts. Plus, because commercial areas tend to be spacious, maintenance needs to be relatively easy. Loop carpets, in which the yarns are not cut but rather looped, are great for commercial areas. These types of carpets are more resistant to crushing and matting, and they also are better-prepared to handle spills and stains.

Our Commercial Carpet Brands

We carry a great selection of reliable commercial carpets from brands such as Kraus, Milliken, Beaulieu, Shaw, and Mohawk.

Kraus: Almost all Kraus commercial carpets are made from nylon, which is a synthetic carpet fiber that is wear and soil resistant and anti-shock proof. In fact, Kraus actually utilizes special dyed nylons that are extra resistant to foot traffic and make them stain proof. With Zipperlock Technology, Kraus guarantee their carpet not to unravel.

Milliken: Milliken commercial carpets are specially-made to combat stains. They feature StainSmart soil protection, so dirty shoes will never be an issue in your business or office. There are a wide range of designer patterns and colors from which to choose.

Beaulieu: Beaulieu offers a wide selection of commercial carpets, so there’s a suitable style for any areas you may have in mind. The carpets will stand up to foot traffic and other impacts, and they also are easy to maintain.

Shaw: Shaw commercial carpet is one of the more popular choices for offices, businesses, and other settings. There are so many different looks from which to choose, so you’ll never have to sacrifice style for performance. Speaking of performance, Shaw offers durable backing to protect against moisture, foot traffic, and other environmental impacts.

Mohawk: Mohawk commercial carpet is another popular choice because of its style and performance. Mohawk offers Colorstrand and Duracolor fibers that will resist spills and fading, so the carpets will not lose their appearances over time. Plus, there are many different types of adhesives and backings that you can choose.