Mohawk Carpet

Innovative and high-performing carpets from Mohawk

Mohawk Carpet

When it comes to carpet, there are certainly a few features that homeowners seem to need above all: stain resistance, appearance retention, and easy maintenance. When these needs are met, homeowners will actually be able to enjoy, rather than worry about, their new carpet. We are therefore extremely proud to offer Mohawk SmartStrand, one of the most reliable carpets available today.

How does SmartStrand carpet meet homeowners’ needs?

Stain resistance: Mohawk SmartStrand is, for good reason, called Forever Clean. It is made from special fibers that do not have dye sites, so the fibers do not absorb stains. As if that were not enough, SmartStrand also has a permanent, built-in stain protection that repels liquids and dirt.

Appearance retention: Mohawk’s special fibers not only repel stains; they also do well to retain their appearances. Unlike other carpet fibers, Mohawk’s fibers function like a spring when crushed. Even after heavy foot traffic from children and pets, the fibers will more or less pop back into place in no time. Fibers this strong must be hard and uncomfortable, right? Actually, given the unique construction, they remain remarkably soft and comfortable underfoot!

Easy Maintenance: SmartStrand’s premium stain resistance and appearance retention mean that the carpet is easy to maintain. Because the fibers do not absorb liquids or dirt, the carpet’s surface can easily and completely be cleaned by routine vacuuming. Plus, given the carpet’s ability to repel stains and retain its appearance, you never have to worry about who or what is running through your living room!

To pick up a high quality, worry-free Mohawk carpet, be sure to visit Hosner Carpet One in Canton, OH.