Hardwood Flooring

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hardwood flooring Canton, OH

Hardwood Flooring in Canton

Hardwood flooring, although it is often opposed by more durable alternatives such as laminate and luxury vinyl, continues to be a popular flooring choice in homes and other residential settings. Why? Hardwood offers natural style and character that cannot be perfectly replicated, so it adds tremendous value to any home. Hosner Carpet One in Canton, OH is your local hardwood expert, as we offer a great selection of high-quality styles and brands.

Hardwood Options

There are two different hardwood flooring options available: solid and engineered. Solid hardwood is the more traditional option, and it features a uniform construction. In other words, solid hardwood planks are made from single strips of wood and nothing else. The planks are usually thick enough for multiple refinishing. Nowadays, homeowners mostly opt for engineered flooring. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood has a special layered construction making it more dimensionally stable, so it can be installed below, on, or above ground. Engineered hardwood usually is not as thick as solid hardwood making transitions to other floorings less of a tripping hazard.

Where hardwood should be installed? We recommend choosing hardwood flooring for bedrooms, family rooms, and other areas where moisture and heavy foot traffic won’t be issues. Not sure if hardwood is the best option for your specific setting? Rest assured that our flooring experts will work directly with you to make sure that you make the perfect choice!

Our Selection

As part of our hardwood selection, we have Carpet One exclusive brands, Rustic River and Handover Hills. Rustic River offers high-character looks that, as you can imagine, are perfect for rustic settings.  Visit our Rustic River page.

Also, we have styles from Johnson Hardwood, Anderson, Stonewood and more.  Click here to learn more about Johnson.