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Carpet Installation 

We can help you find the perfect carpet for your home, and have it installed. The best feature of carpet is that it makes your house a home with its soft and comfortable characteristics. At Hosner Carpet One Floor & Home in Canton, OH, we have you and your floors covered when it comes to flooring and installation. Our dedicated staff is your local expert when it comes to carpet, and can give you the advice you are looking for.  

Carpet Installation Process

Installing carpets can get pretty tricky, that is why we offer professional installation services. There are some things you should be aware of before you begin with having your carpet installed. The first is making sure the subfloor is in good shape or if it needs to be redone before you install your new carpet. When installing carpet, it needs to be stretched, which requires special tools. In addition to that, carpet seams can be tricky to hide and our professional installers know exactly where seams need to go and the best ways to hide them. 

Where can Carpet be Installed?

Carpets have become more functional than ever before with innovative stain fighting technology.  Carpets now can stand up to more everyday challenges from your family and pets. Many carpets are being made to be entirely waterproof like our Tigressa H2O. These types of carpets are perfect for a home that has children or pets and eliminates the worry of your carpets being destroyed. 

Carpet in Bedrooms

Carpets are the perfect options for bedrooms because why wouldn’t anyone want to wake up in the morning and put their feet on something soft and comfortable. Carpet makes your room a relaxing retreat and makes it feel cozy during colder winter months. 

Carpet in Living Rooms

Carpet in living rooms can add a more intimate feel to your space. Make your living room more inviting with carpet, where your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable. Now that carpet is made to be more stain resistant than ever, cleaning up after guests will be a breeze. 

Commercial Flooring

Carpet tiles are a durable solution for commercial spaces. These carpets can resist most spills, stains, and can stand up to frequent foot traffic. 

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